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1. Name/Age/Location:Kyla/20/Louisville
2. 5 of your favorite bands: Mt. Simms, The Mars Volta, Hungry Lucy, Daft Punk, Beck
3. Favorite Song: Nicotene and Gravy by Beck
4. Favorite Movies: Requiem For A Dream, Layer Cake, American Psycho, Garden State
5. Favorite Lyric: "I'll leave graffiti where you've never been kissed."
6. Who is your idol? and why. No idols. The only person you can rely on is yourself
7. 5 words that describe you: Fun, Strange, Thoughtful, Colorful, Talented

1. Abortion: Pro-choice
2. George W. Bush: Fuck him and yes I vote.
3. Sex before Marriage: It happens, and I'm totally okay with that.
5. Paris Hiltion: dumb, but i love her style...sometimes
6. The Mods: Drawing a blank here

Chose one or the other.
1. Hilary Duff / Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay when she's not anorexic
2. Taking Back Sunday / Hawthorne Heights: Taking Back Sunday, but really neither
3. Johnny Depp / Orlando Bloom: Johnny Depp
4. Green / Pink: Green
5. Paris Hilton / Nicole Ritchie: Paris

I'm too lame to figure out how to post pics on lj so for pics check my myspace
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